• Be guided by a vision that's clearly yours

    A compelling vision pulls you forward so decisions and actions are confident and true to YOUR path

  • Learn at your convenience

    Prerecorded modules make it easy to learn and work on your own schedule, at your own pace

  • Weekly homework gets you started, keeps you going

    Complete your vision easily, enjoyably in just three weeks and watch your desired future take shape more easily than it is now

  • Email coaching to support you

    I'll help you stay on track so you can get your vision done with between-module email coaching

Just wishing won't get you where you want to go

Turn your "What if..."s and great ideas into action and results. A clear vision is a powerful first step.

  • "It was SO powerful...and made everything so clear to the whole team. I was amazed how helpful it was to have the vision all on one page."
    Ellen, advisor to startup CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions people have about creating and using a strategic vision:

Q: How does visioning work? I've heard it's powerful, and I'm trying to understand how it might work for me.

A: Visioning is a way to express (or discover) a dream or significant goal. Through visioning, you're taking the first of many actions to convert that dream into tangible, desirable results. And depending on how you use your vision, it often makes it easier to stay focused, and on track, to create what you want most in your work or life. That's because your priorities become clear, ever present, and highly inspiring through your vision and the process of creating it.

Q: What qualifies you to teach a visioning course?

A: A good question! First, I've had much personal experience and success using visioning techniques. In fact, many of the achievements I cherish most in my work and life involved visioning of various types. The process worked because visioning helped me reach for, and achieve more in each case than I would have thought possible without it. I've also had much training in visioning, graphic facilitation, and also in strategic planning and thinking. All are helpful in my work of helping others to fully express big ideas and aspirations, and then to turn them into tangible results. I've also facilitated visioning processes for many teams and people who implemented their visions very successfully, and often (to their great delight) to far exceed their goals. 

Q: Tell me about the course. What are you covering?

A: We'll start by preparing you to create your vision, including, among other things, helping you to choose the type of vision you want to create. I'll also show you how to clarify what you want your vision to focus on (and to focus you on). Then, I'll teach you how to create your vision, and guide you through the process. Finally, we'll go over the ways you can use your vision most effectively to make it a powerful tool for you as you begin to make it real in your work or life.


Q: Do I have to finish the course in three weeks?

A: You can take as long as you want to complete the course. You'll have access to all modules as long as I offer the course.

Q: How will the implementation calls work, if I decide to get those, as well?

A: We'll discuss how you want to use implementation calls and then schedule them, based on what works best for you. Some people like follow-up calls soon after a course to help them plan and begin to actively implement. Others find steady check-ins most helpful, and may want to have a follow-up call every quarter, for example, to pace their implementation progress.

Q: If the calls work well for me, can I get more?

A: Yes, we can work that out. Once you see how the first implementation calls work for you, you can decide if you'd like more, and what frequency works best for you. The idea is to support you in the ways that work best for you, as you start to take action to implement your vision.

Q: It's on my mind, so I have to ask: what if somebody teases me for creating a "vision"?

A: I understand that visioning may be a new tool for you, and if so, it may feel different. (And, by the way, I think you can handle it if someone teases you about it!). It's possible that someone who teases may be unsettled by the fact that you have the courage to try something new, and are committed to finding a way to move ahead. They may feel "stuck in a rut," afraid to make changes that will break them out of it. Once you've gone through the process of creating your vision, you'll be moving ahead with confidence, making steady progress, creating the future you envision.

  • I loved creating my vision...and was surprised at how much of it I implemented in the next few years.
    Mieke, software engineering manager and team leader

Start building your better future now

You're ready to move well beyond wishing. A compelling vision will make your way clear...and allow you to move forward with confidence.